Commercial Janitorial Contracts

Successful janitorial service depends on four principal factors – people, people, people and everything else. Restif utilizes a Team + Supervisor system to organize, motivate and retain good cleaners. Each team handles its own day-to-day schedule adjustments and coverage responsibilities. A team vote is required to admit a new Restif shareholder. And last but not least, each team decides how to allocate team earnings among its members.

The supervisor coaches the teams with training and advice. The supervisor also provides inspections, evaluations and, when required, sanctions.

The decentralized teams and the traditional supervisor, working together, bring out the best from our employee-owners.

Our services include regular office cleaning, expert carpet, window and floor care as well as  emergency water damage capability.  We can handle all your cleaning needs.


Hours: 8a-5p weekdays
Closed for lunch from 12-1
24/7 Emergency On-Call
Evenings and Saturday by appointment

Encapsulation Shampoo

• Dries in 2 hours
• Inexpensive
• This new system works like magic on
commercial style carpets
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