Residential Maid Service

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Welcome to Restif Cleaning Service



We are a Humboldt County business. Our clients are the homeowners, commercial-industrial-retail businesses, governments, schools and property managers in this area.

Restif is owned by the cleaners and other staff who work to provide the services. Every employee, after a short trial period, buys a voting share and participates in the responsibilities of ownership. Cleaners who are invested in their company are also invested in their customers. Those cleaners know the value of hard work, they know the value of a polite attitude, they know the value of sticking around year after year. Employee-owners are concerned with safety and the environment because they have something to protect. Employee-owners never forget that their first priority is you – the customer.


Hours: 8a-5p weekdays
Closed for lunch from 12-1
24/7 Emergency On-Call
Evenings and Saturday by appointment

Hot Water Extraction

• Leaves the carpet residue free
• Fewer chemicals
• Stays clean longer
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